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Unity Connection 7.0 Message Store

I'm running Cisco Unity Connection 7.0.2 on IBM MCS-7845-H2, 4x 146GB hard drives. From the cli I ran disk usage and found out there are 7 partitions. Shared Memory at 2GB, Inactive at 33GB, Swap at 2GB, Spare at 63GB, Active at 33GB, Boot at 237MB, and Common at 128GB.

Now according to TAC when creating a new message store its added to the active partition, but where are the voice mail .wav files stored.

My question is how large is my primary message store, and I how big can I make my next message store with the disk I have.

Thanks in advance



Re: Unity Connection 7.0 Message Store

Hi Ryan -

This info is from the UC online help for Managing multiple mailbox stores:

"An administrator with the required permissions can create up to nine additional mailbox stores. Each additional mailbox store includes:

- Another mailbox-store database for information on voice messages that are saved in that mailbox store. The database is presized for an average of approximately 40 messages each for 10,000 users, or about 1.25 GB. (The database application currently being used for Connection cannot dynamically resize a database after it is created.)

- Another operating-system directory for the voice message WAV files and other message attachments saved in that mailbox store." I assume that means the default mailbox store, when Unity Connection is installed, is likewise sized about 1.25 Gb. You can change the size by editing the value Mailbox Store Size (Before Warning) (Megabytes) in the UC SA. The value you put in here is "The maximum size that you want Cisco Unity Connection to allow for this mailbox store." I found UnityMbxDb1 (the default mailbox store) files in the /common disk area by using the cli show diskusage common and reviewing the names of the files. I did not find anything specific in the design guide to indicate a maximum recommendation for mailbox store, but I would not be surprised if the SA prevented you from editing a value that would exceed available disk capacity.

Regards, Ginger

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