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Unity Connection 7.12 SMTP WAV files?

I read on here it supports sending WAV attachments now? Anyone elaborate on this?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7.12 SMTP WAV files?

Connection will allow you to "spelunk" through attachments on any email - it'll report the name of the file and allow you to TTS is (for .txt attachments and such) or play it if it's an audio attachment. You can control which attachments are offered.

If the WAV file is a codec Connection can handle it'll play it - if not it'll report that it is unable to play the file and move on to the next attachment (if there is one).

A simple email with a wav attachment isn't going to be treated as a voice mail, however - if that's what you're looking for. Connection will look for x header flags indicating it's a voice message (i.e. generated by a Connection phone conversation or web client) for that.


Re: Unity Connection 7.12 SMTP WAV files?


I think the user was asking if smtp message notification with attached .wav files is supported in Unity Connection 7.1. In previous versions only a quick smtp message with the caller-id and maybe a PCA link was sent on outbound smtp notifications.

I've upgraded to 7.1.2 and have looked for this feature and can't see any options to enable it. Is this feature available now in 7.1.2 or is it coming soon?

Thanks for the help.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7.12 SMTP WAV files?

Under the "message actions" page for users on my 7.1(3) system there's an option for each message type to "accept and relay" which means it'll leave a copy in the inbox for Connection and also forward it to a remote SMTP address defined in the "relay address" on that page. I'm pretty sure this same option was in 7.1(2) but I don't have one handy to check.

There's nothing in the notification devices to have it include attachments such as the WAV file in the notification mail.


Re: Unity Connection 7.12 SMTP WAV files?

Thanks Jeff. I do see the option in 7.1.2. So for some reason I thought this option should be under message notification. I have a 7.0 system that does not give me the "accept and relay" option, so it is a pretty recent addition.

Thanks again.

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