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Unity Connection 7 Questions

Hi, I am currently installing Unity Connection 7 on a customer's site and have found a few issues. I was wondering if anyone might be able to clear the following questions up for me?

1. I have configured Outlook 2007 to use IMAP to Unity Connection and also installed Unity Connection Viewmail. However when I receive a new voicemail message into the IMAP inbox I am unable to view the Viewmail MediaMaster bar and Viewmail custom form. It works OK from within the customer's inbox, but does not show up in the IMAP inbox. Does anyone know if it should, the Cisco doucmentation seems to infer Viewmail works with IMAP?

2. If I use SMTP Smart Host configuration within Unity Connection and relay the voicemail to the customer's inbox I can only play the message through speakers, and not through the phone. I am assuming this is because Unity Connection no longer has visibility of the voicemail as it was relayed? Can someone clarify if this the case?

3. Finally the customer has a PBX integrated over a QSIG trunk into CCM and when calls are presented into Unity Connection they do not show up with any Caller Display (Eg 9XXXXXXXXXXX) etc only 'Message from Unknown Sender'. However when monitoring the ports into Unity Connection I can see the calling number, but is it not presented within the subject of the message within the IMAP inbox. Calling internally works fine. Does anyone know if this just needs to be enabled?

If you have any ideas on any of these questions I would be most appreciative.

Many thanks



Re: Unity Connection 7 Questions

Hi Steve -

For Question #1, I wonder if you are hitting bug -

I don't have real world experience with item #2 yet as we have UC running in test now with Unity UM in production. We are using Smart host for VPIM communication, not the way you are testing. For question #3, go to System Settings - Subject Line Formats - Outside Caller Messages. The PBX must be able to send ANI to Unity Connection.

Regards, Ginger

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