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Unity Connection 7: "Allow callers to dial an extension during greeting"

In Unity 4.0(x) we have the option to allow or not allow callers to enter an extension, this was very handy.

In Unity Connection 7 I do not see this option. The only way around this as far as I can see is to either:

(1) lock all the inputs, or

(2) modify the search scope so that no extensions are included (not tested)

Option one is alright, but it takes an extra 9 steps.

Option two simplifies the process, however, you loose the inherited search scope.

Any reason this option is no longer included? I understand that Connection was built from the ground up, but I would have thought that it would have had most if not all the Unity options where technically possible.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7: "Allow callers to dial an extension duri

That option in the Unity SA is just a shortcut for setting the "lock" option for each key one at a time - the Connection SA didn't add that in there. I think there's a CDETS feature request covering this since it is a time saver to be sure.

As a side note I've got this on my to-do list for the Autio Text Manager for connection I'm working on.


Re: Unity Connection 7: "Allow callers to dial an extension duri

OK. Thanks for the update. The fact that you have confirmed that it was a short cut for locking all the keys helps us go forward with confidence that doing that manually will deliver the same results.

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