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New Member

Unity Connection 7.x, Non-voice mail user forwarded to Voice Mail

If a phone is forwarded to voice mail by mistake and no mailbox exists OR if you setup some sort of express messaging IVR script, and someone miss-enters an extension (and no mailbox exists) Unity by default plays the "sign in" conversation.

I'd like this to play something like "The extension you entered doesn't have a voice mailbox, please try again".

I realize I can record a call handler to say this -- but how do I get the prompt to "trigger" when no mailbox is there and it is called?


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7.x, Non-voice mail user forwarded to Voice

By default the forwarding routing rules will look for the forwarding number as an existing subscriber or call handler and send the call to that greeting - if no match is found it'll go to the opening greeting. A forwarded call should never end up at the sign in conversation unless you've added some specific routing rule to do that. Are these calls showing up as forwarded or direct calls when they hit Connection?

It should be possible to insert a routing rule after the "attempt forward to greeting" rule and the "opening greeting" rule (the two default forwarding rules) that sends the call to a call handler that plays the message you want here. The attempt forward to greeting rule would capture all forwards from legitimate extensions in the database (i.e. calls forwarded from real subscriber phones).

I'm not sure how your system would be sending forwarded calls to subscriber sign in right off hand without getting a look at your routing rule config and/or seeing your inbound call info as it hits Connection.

New Member

Re: Unity Connection 7.x, Non-voice mail user forwarded to Voice

I've done a few tests on this. First off, we only need this to play if a caller is forwarded to UC and the extension they dialed doesn't have a mail box. We want a call handler to play a message telling them to try again, there is no valid mail box for this number.

I've created a third Forwarded Routing Rule named "non-subscriber" I can't put any conditions on it, none seem to fit. When I try to re-order the rules so this is the last one I can't. It can only be the middle, never the last for some reason. So the order is Attempt Forward, Non-Subscriber and last is the Opening Greeting.

I sent my Non-subscriber to send callers to a CH that plays my message. It seems to work until you call our main number (UCCX auto attendant), then enter our UC pilot to login as a user -- you are told you don't exist ....

Strange because UCCX transfers and doesn't forward. UCCX transfers to the Hunt Pilot for our UC. This isn't a forward is it?

Not sure why it matches a forward rule.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7.x, Non-voice mail user forwarded to Voice

the last rule is never movable and will always be there - this is the "backstop rule" that dumps calls to the opening greeting by default, so that's expected.

What you have setup should work - but you need to figure out what to do with calls coming from users - it shouldn't be a forwarded call but it sounds like it is. You can use a tool like the Port Status Monitor to watch the call when it comes in - the first line of the call in the output will indicate the information we got from the switch about the call (forwarded vs. direct, calling number, forwarding station etc...). You can get it here:

the help has details on what you need to do to set it up (you must put the ip address of the station you're running it from in the advanced settings and turn the port output on before you can see live port activity fly by).

Once you have that info you may be able to either add a condition (i.e. forwarding station<> xxxx) or create a different rule to send the caller to attempt sign in that triggers ahead of your "non subscribers" rule.

I'm guessing calls to your hunt pilot are being bounced around and hitting Connection with unexpected data...

New Member

Re: Unity Connection 7.x, Non-voice mail user forwarded to Voice

Any call coming from our UCCX Auto Attendant to our UC Hunt Pilot (via CUCM) shows as forward unconditional to UC, this is why it's playing the "this user doesn't have a mailbox) from the forwarding rule.

I just have to figure out why UCCX seems to "forward" ?? to the Hunt Pilot.

When I dial the Hunt Pilot direct from an IP phone (without hitting UCCX) or via Unity's auto attendant it comes in direct and works great.


New Member

Re: Unity Connection 7.x, Non-voice mail user forwarded to Voice

Sounds interesting. Could be that the CSS of the CRS ports are hitting a translation pattern or route pattern that is CFA'd. Did you ever get an answer on this?

New Member

Re: Unity Connection 7.x, Non-voice mail user forwarded to Voice

couldn't get it right with CRS -- CRS still shows as forwarded vs. direct. There is no CFA when dialing in (checked that)...

In the script (CRS) we transfer -- so that should be a direct or re-directed call, not forwarded...but UC doesn't see it that way.

Our work around was to have CRS check for the pilot numbers for our UC and tell callers to hang up and call the DID (bypass CRS) -- that works well. This allows us to use the forward rule and get way with it...

thanks for your interest. Let me know if you have any other ideas.