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Unity Connection 7.X wallet card wizard login failure

Unity CX version . I installed the ODBC and wallet card wizard files, started the proxy service and set days to 3 to keep service started, I configured a user with system admin and remote admin rights. When I try to loginto the pub to download the custom keymap I get an informix unspecified message failure message. Seems to be an informix issue on my laptop. Is there anything elese that needs to be configured with odbc? Any suggestions to get this working would be appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection 7.X wallet card wizard login failure

What's the exact error number returned from the driver (it'll usually be in the message).

Presumably no tools that use ODBC to connect work from that client - if you haven't tried look at CUDLI or Distribution List Builder just to be sure.  I've had a few of these reported and most of them that we managed to track down had to do with security apps blocking the connection from the client side and/or blocking the app (i.e. Vista when you're running as something less than Administrator).  Best I can suggest if you've ruled that out for yourself is to try another desktop - this is straight up, no fancy-stuff ODBC connections - nothing more.  No HTTP, no SCP no file transfers no nuthin' - just ODBC.  It's about as straight forward as you can get for remote DB access.

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