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Unity Connection 8.5.1 directory replication not working between clusters

Last night we deleted 10 users from one cluster (there are 10 networked together), with the intention of moving them to another site on another cluster.   The users deleted without error, however when we did a search on other clusters the users were still appearing as remote.  We have seen this before and ran the command line to delete the globalusers from each cluster.    We then proceeded to add the users to the destination cluster without issue.  This morning I have noted that none of the other 9 clusters are aware of these new users.  I did push out the directory under intrasite links however it is still in the "in progress" state after 12 hours. 

Can anyone tell me what service is tied to this function or how I can restart this process or fix this?  I will open a TAC ticket as I suspect we may need some additional steps as this is not the first directory replication issue we have seen over the years.

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Hi there, It sounds like it

Hi there,


It sounds like it may be this 8.5.1 bug;


DN: Replicator unable to sync delete user request to remote nodes
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Thanks Rob, I did know about

Thanks Rob, I did know about this bug and have dealt with it before.  I have been able to workaround this for years now (these clusters deployed 2011), however I have never experienced an issue where the added users did not replicate out to other servers.   Another bullet in my list of reasons why we need to upgrade these versions.

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