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Unity connection 8.5 system transfer call delay

Dear all,

My customer has a Unity connection 8.5 integrated with CUCM 8.5 using SCCP.

We are trying to implement an AA-like script. Everything is OK, except system call tranfer delay. It is about 6 seconds if we use 3 second interdigit timeout for the call handler.

I researched traces a bit and see that additional delay (becides 3 second for interdigit timeout) arises because Unity connection emulates SCCP phone behavior, send 8 differend keypad  messages and introduces 0.3 second delay between these messages with digits (we have 8-digit number which leads to 2.5 seconds of additional delay).

My questions:

1) If we will change to SIP will UCx send the number to CUCM enbloq, thus eliminating the delay of sending 8 different messages with 0.3 sec delay?

2) Can we change this 0.3 sec delay for SCCP inegration?

3) Is it possible to avoid 3 second interdigit timeout waiting (I tried # sign, don't help, I put in restriction table to wait for minimum and maximum 8 digits, don't help).

Thank you and best regards,


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Re:Unity connection 8.5 system transfer call delay

Will answer by myself
1) Yes
2) No
3) Use star *

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