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Unity Connection 8.6 - HA

I have a customer with Unity Connection 8.6 running on a 7825I5 Publisher. Now he wants to set up HA with a UCS-C220 as Unity Connection Subscriber. Are there any concerns about this installation or isn't it a problem to run one MCS (Publisher) and one UCS-C220(subscriber) server in a Unity Connection HA cluster?                  

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Re: Unity Connection 8.6 - HA

No there is no problem, but you should use an ova file that matches the 7825 specs. Is there no option to put both servers on the UCS?

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Unity Connection 8.6 - HA

Hi Stefan,

This is a supported config

For a cluster with one physical server and one virtual machine:

The  specifications for the physical server and the virtual machine should  match as closely as possible for available hard-disk space/vDisk space  and for RAM/vRAM.

When  the hard disks in the physical server and the virtual hard disks in the  virtual machine are not the same size, the smaller disks determine the  amount of disk space available for voice messages.

When  the number of users supported for the physical server and the virtual  machine do not match, only the smaller number of users is supported for  the cluster.

With  Platform Overlay 1 servers, you must add 2 GB of RAM to the physical  server so the amount of RAM in the physical server matches the 6 GB of  vRAM configured for Unity Connection on the virtual machine.

Note In case of performing any troubleshooting steps, the Cisco support personnel may request for the additional RAM as required.




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