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unity connection 8.6 mailstore clarification

Hello All,

i am just looking for some clarification with the unity connection mailstore.  by default it assigns 14 meg (29.87min) space per user.  however the mailstore size is 15000mg by default.  (this unity con is 5000 mailbox based with 6gb ram, 200gb HD on UCS)

and the Cisco Unity Connection 8.x Supported Platforms List doc says the approximate msg storage for that particular virtual server is 137,298 min (for g711).

which means ( [137,298/29.87] x 14) = 64351 Meg of mailstore.

Lets assume for sake that we have 5000 mailbox each with 14mg (all mailboxes are full), this means we have 70000mg (and not 64351). which is may /may not understandable to a point because the Cisco Unity Connection 8.x Supported Platforms List doc gives the "approximate" value. but it is still off by 5600 mg (too off)

however the message quotas can be modified per user as well. the maximum we can go up to is 2 gb per user.  which means 2X5000=10000Gb. it doesn't make sense now becuase we only got 200gb HD. do i have a point?  or did i missunderstand the concept.   well it could mean that we can't enable it for all uses but if we are enaling for some it must be with careful consideration.

second question : is there place in GUI or CLI i can see how much the exact total mailstore is?

third question: the maximum size before sending warning (messages storage->message store) is set to 15000 mg. also documentation says "When the size of the store reaches 90 percent of the specified maximum size, a warning is logged in the system log" if thats the case then 100% is 16667Mg for hte message store.  i thougt it was 64gig?

can anyone comment on this please?  do you have good documention that explains this clearly?

appriciated..happy holidays



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