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Unity Connection 8.6 not access to Service Management on Serviciability


     I have just installed a CUCMBE with Unity Connection. I am just initiating to configure it and I am requiring to add an additional language. The procedure establishes that certain crtitical services (Connection Conversation Manager, Connection Mixer) must be stopped before the language be loaded. This must be done through Cisco Unity Connection Serviciability -> Tools -> Service Management.

     I have not problem with user / password to get access to Cisco Unity Connection Serviciability and for all the menus and submenus, except one (that is the one I am requiring):    When I try to go into Tools -> Service Management the access is denied with the message:

Unable to communicate with service control center. The password for UCMAdminstrator (the administration account that was created during installation) may be locked out or expired

     I have already reseted the password as is established in many documents and on other conversations from this same Community, however the result is the same: I don´t get access only to the "Service Management" from tools on the Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability section.

     After reset the password it works fine for all the other access to administer the configuration and Serviciability for Unity Connection, the only restricted access is to "Service Management"

      Some suggestion to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!


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Unity Connection 8.6 not access to Service Management on Servici

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