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UNITY Connection 8.6

I recently had an issue wher we have some pri's that come into cisco gateway thru CUCM and into a 5ESS , th ephones on the 5ess have mailboxes on a Unity Connection.

We changed gateways and cucm version from 5.1 to 8,6
We troubleshot all day the calls coming in would end up at the geneeral Unity CNC greeting.. We tried all kinds of thinhgs then we put the pri's back on the original gateway and into the old cucm and all was okay. we then put them back onto the new gateway and cucm and it worked fine no issues.

I am not sure how swapping a cable could make a difference with the numbers that got presented to UNITY CNC..

We seen on the gateway trace , the calling, called numbers as well as the pilot that the 5ess was sending , It was like the mailbox extension was not getting passed along to the UNITY CNC ,untill we went back and then back onto the new gateway .,

There are 12 PRI's on the gateway and only two dedicated to Unity and the 5ESS...

A few things come to mind like the removing the cable from the gateway and the replugging reset something on the card , or the changes we were making on the config did not really get passwed to the gateway right away..

Yes we did reset the pri's. The two trunks are on different cards..

I just hate things like this.. Has anyone seen anything like this or has any ideas..

I am happy it is working however I am nervous as I have never seen a cable cause such behaviour.

Hope this makes sense..


UNITY Connection 8.6

any errors on the T1 ports themselves.. slips?  clock sourcing?   something like that may end up being the order they were plugged back in or something goofy with how the 5ES on the opposite is handling the Gateway.  I have had 5ES providers reset their side and my odd issues when away.

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