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Unity connection Feature Question

Was hoping someone could explain this behavior to me.

I missed a call from my coworker Andrea.

I call my coworker Andrea back but she does not asnwer.

When her voice mail greeting starts I press the star key to login in to my voice mail box to listen to the message she has left me.

The Unity Connection system asks me for my ID. I enter my ID then my Pin.

I am then prompted to press option 1 to leave a voice mail for Andrea or option2 to listen to my messages.

I find the option 1 to leave a voice mail for Andrea intriguing since I decided to log in to my mailbox instead of originally leaving her a message.

What scenario made Cisco decided to add this to Unity connection?


Unity connection Feature Question

Hello hopewell2,

This feature is nothing less than a default configuration that exists on the voicemailuser template for the caller input therefore when you add a user and use that template it is automatically added, this is basically a way of leaving a 'back door' to log in, i believe Unity (windows based) had it also.


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Unity connection Feature Question

David thank you for your reply but I was specifically speaking to the feature that Unity Connection prompts me to leave a message for the user after I have opted out of their mailbox and signed in to mine.


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Re: Unity connection Feature Question

This is part of the Take Message conversation that was triggered via the Forward Routing Rules for the call scenario you outlined above. In other words, CXN is under the impression you're trying to leave a message and logging into your mailbox is just you wanting the message to be from you* vs. an unidentified caller. If you don't want the option you should dial voicemail directly or press the Messages button on your phone.

* If the caller ID matches the primary or alternate extension of your mailbox, this would have happened automatically. Perhaps you're calling from someone elses phone or an offnet number though.

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