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Unity Connection 9.1 Mailbox Quota Exceeded Warnings/Monitoring/Notification


What is the proper way to find out what user mailboxes have exceeded quotas in Unity Connection 9.1? I have users receiving NDRs from people who are either out for an extended period of time or who just do not manage their boxes. I know the users will get messages in the Web Inbox and the callers leaving them messages will get NDRs but, as the administrator what can I see??? There are no quota reports... I've read these warnings can be viewed in RTMT but, nothing is very clear about how to view them and yes I set my self up with the Audit Admin role. IMHO this is a very important information that every Unity admin needs to know. I cannot rely on the users to manage their quotas nor can I expect everyone to call me with the Unity mailbox user name when they receive and NDR voice mail. Please help!


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User Data Dump can do this

User Data Dump can do this (among many other items) for you:

You can get a CSV output of all the mailbox sizes, quota sizes as well as age of messages of various types and a number of other items you might find useful if you're looking for "dead" mailboxes or the like.



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Thanks for the info lindborg!

Thanks for the info lindborg!  I have to believe there is a better way to do this other than dumping all user data into a CSV then importing into Excel then looking at mailbox sizes for all users.


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normally sorting by the

normally sorting by the mailbox size is going to get you a pretty succinct list to look at - but if you need something more custom and targeted than that you can look at the Python Scripting Host - I have several examples of reports and it'd be very easy to run one that only kicked out a list of users that exceeded one of the quotas (presumably warning level or higher) into a list:

Like User Data Dump you can schedule it to run and email you the output - so you can run this every week, say, and have it pop a nice list of users to go check (or yell at or whatever) show up in your inbox on a regular basis.

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The User Data Dump util works

The User Data Dump util works pretty well!  Actually, now I am also able to list System Distribution List membership.  Another worthy report that is not available.  I look forward to any other solutions especially how to view this in RTMT.  I may look into the PythonScriptingHost util as well.  I like the customization aspect.


Thanks Again!


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