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Unity Connection back up

We have a number of Unity Connection 7.1.3 clusters (pub and sub) and all are configured to complete a daily back up of the database and greetings_voicenames.  However, when I look at the back up history I see that some sytems are backing up daily (all set to back up daily at 0600) and some systems skip a few days (random number of days).  I'm assuming that there is something that triggers the back up like a change to the system database etc. but I've looked through several docs and cannot find anything on this.  I want to know if this is expected (and what the triggers are) or if I have a problem.  Any advice would be great.


Re: Unity Connection back up

Backups can be triggered manually or via a schedule.  In your scenario, you are using a schedule so you would specify the frequency (e.g., daily) and the start time of the backup (e.g., 0200).  You also specify the number of backups to keep in the specified backup directory (e.g., 3).  If your backups are configured to run daily but some are not then there is a problem.  In some cases, it may be as simple as disabling/enabling the schedule OR deleted the backup server and schedule settings and recreating them.  However, there could be other factors such as:

1) If you are backing up multiple servers to same directory path, it is best to have a dedicated folder for each server being backed up.  There can be issues when all backups are stored in one path due to the "number of backups to keep" configuration.  This has been noted for clusters, for sure.  The recommendation is if you backup both servers in a cluster that you back up each to it's own dedicated SFTP path.

2) You can look thru the backup history to see what the status is of each backup and if backups are failing or just not running at all.

3) It could potentially be a bug.

4) Again, if you are backing everything up to the same server then you may need to take a look at how much space you have available to store the specified number of backups per server being backed up.

I'd first take a look at the backup settings in DRF and verify that everything is consistent across the cluster configurations.  If not, start by setting things how you want them.  If so, start by reviewing status and then disable/enable schedules then move on to delete backup settings and recreate them (sounds dumb but this fixes a lot of issues).  Or, if you note something above that may be of issue you could address it from there but start by verifying config consistency.


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Re: Unity Connection back up

Thanks David - very helpful.  Two clusters back up daily and two back up on random days.  All clusters are configured to back up to our central data centre in Michigan with their own path and file structure etc.  I will start with a disable / enable on the two clusters that are having problems then move on to your rebuild suggestion.



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