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Unity Connection Bulk Edit SMTP Proxy

Hello all,

Running Unity Connection 8.0.3 which is LDAP integrated with authentication. I would like to map the "corporate email address" field found on the "user basics" page to the "smtp proxy address" I noticed when you do a bulk edit there is an option to use the following replacable tokens



But nothing for Corporate email address



Re: Unity Connection Bulk Edit SMTP Proxy

You can add SMTP Proxy Addresses (primarily for use with IMAP) in bulk.  Here is the link to do so.  The replaceable tokens is definitely not what you need, my friend:


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Re: Unity Connection Bulk Edit SMTP Proxy

Hi David,

This is the exact same link that I got my question from. I may be reading too fast or missing something but from what I can see, my options to bulk change everyones SMTP proxy address to "Match" the information from the Users "corporate email address" that is brought in from AD is only possible if I already know the corporate email address of each user and do it with the Bat Tool or I can use the available "replaceable tokens" none of which map the proxy address to the information populated by AD. Just to clarify the info I want to use can be found at the bottom of the users "user basics" page. The field "corporate email address" is greyed out.

Hopefully this makes sense

Re: Unity Connection Bulk Edit SMTP Proxy

I've personally only done this thru BAT and I did not use any tokens as they did not match up to what I wanted to enter which was the corporate email address.  Admittedly, I usually did this when creating all of my users initially.  Anyway, I followed the rule of:

"If user addresses do not follow a consistent  format, you can use the Cisco Unity Connection Bulk Administration Tool  to create proxy addresses from a comma separated value (CSV) file."

I then used the BAT CSV to either create the addresses upfront or do an update to existing subscribers.  In this case, you do need to know the user's corporate email address.  Not knowing that (or whatever the SMTP proxy address is) would render this method fairly invaluable.

Hope that helps.


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