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Unity Connection Call Handler Transfer after busy tone


I'm trying to use unity connection as a mini IVR.

What I would like to do is :

- If someone calls 1234, unity answers the call and says "If you want to have X, press 1. If you want to have Y, press 2. If ...."

- Then If someone press 1 and the target extension is busy, then I'd like unity to transfer the call to another extension.

I can't find how to configure this second part.

In transfer rules, if extension is busy, It seems I can only send callers to voicemail, place them on hold with or without asking. But It does not seem to be possible to transfer to another call handler or another extension.

Any help would be appreciate ...


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection Call Handler Transfer after busy tone

Why don't you send the call to a hunt pilot and configure the DNs you want to ring in a line group?



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Re: Unity Connection Call Handler Transfer after busy tone

So, you'd likely need to do this via multiple line groups.  In other words, lets say you have the following:

x1000 Bob

x2000 Sue

x3000 Pat

You could set up 3 sequential line groups like this:

Bob_LG - order or priority: Bob, Sue, Pat - Hunt Pilot = 1001

Sue_LG - order of priority: Sue, Pat, Bob - Hunt Pilot = 2001

Pat_LG - order of priority: Pat, Bob, Sue - Hunt Pilot = 3001

In your call handler, the menu would be:

For Bob, press 1 - ring hunt pilot 1001

For Sue, press 2 - ring hunt pilot 2001

For Pat, press 3 - ring hunt pilot 3001

In this manner, you accomodate ringing each member first as a priority from the Call Handler but if the call is busy or N/A then you can ring Sue then Pat and so on.

One way to look at, there are other implementations.  Bottom line is that you're going to need to use line groups in some way or another to accomodate this sort of behavior.


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Re: Unity Connection Call Handler Transfer after busy tone

I must be missing something because I don't see anything in the OP that mandates the use of a line group.  Granted, I am a fan of line groups but, strictly speaking there are options available.  You can use line groups, you can use forwarding chains (CFNA/CFB to extensioin YYY), you can use shared line appearances.  The last two are easier to maintain if the extensions Unity is transferring to are "user-independant", meaning they are not the primary extension of a user.

Now, in many cases line groups are nice because they are decoupled from the actual members.  Meaning, you can shuffle order, membership, etc.  You can also chain line groups together.  All very handy stuff.  So, while I agree line groups are handy in situations like the one I suspect the OP is trying to define, I do not see where line groups are specifically required.  Of course, I could be missing something obvious.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Unity Connection Call Handler Transfer after busy tone

Well, Obviously, I was so focused on finding a solution on Unity Connection that I did not think CUCM could help me.

Indeed, Line groups are a good solution.

Thanks guys for your help.