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Unity Connection Data Error 10006


I'm hoping someone can help me quickly here.

I'm running a CUC training class in Singapore and am getting an error "Data Error 10006".

This error occurs when I try to change the password settings on a new template and when I try to create a new call handler.

All other functionality seems to work just fine.

I have loaded SR1 and ES1 plus the CUC upgrade wizard.

The hardware I'm using is MCS 7825's with W2K3 standard edition SP1

I used the 'nopcd' command to load the application.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated


Bruce Wilkinson

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection Data Error 10006

Hi Bruce - that's an error from SQL Server, not one of our own error codes:

"The provider indicated an invalid pointer was used."

I haven't seen that before in our testing - make sure you have the correct version of SQL Server/MSDE installed.

- Matt

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Re: Unity Connection Data Error 10006

hi matt

i am also facing this error, and i didnt install the SQL Server/MSDE seperatly. Cisco Unity Connection installation automaticlly installs the SQL.

by the way i tried to install SQL MSDE SP4 but the error still there

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Re: Unity Connection Data Error 10006


I think we eventually solved this. Turns out it was a timezone inconsistancy of all things. check that the time zones in the templates, subscriber profiles and the machine are all consistent.

Bruce Wilkinson

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