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Unity Connection Language File Error

Had a running Unity Connection 1.2 server. Recently the ports stopped answering and logging into the server revealed the following error:

"The Cisco Unity Connection license file(s) that are installed do not allow you to use U.S. English for language-specific Connection features, and no other languages are installed. Do one of the following:

Download and install one or more Connection languages. Languages for your version of Connection, as well as documentation on how to install them, are available at

If you have one or more license files that allow you to use U.S. English, go to the Licensing page and install them now.

If you do not have additional license files and you want to use U.S. English, contact your Cisco account team to purchase a license upgrade that allows you to use U.S. English."

The link doesn't work, but browsing through Unity Connection software I did see language files, though the only english files are UK and TTY.

Anyone know why this happened and what I need to fix? TAC case is imminent, but I thought I'd post it here in case there's some quick wisdom available.


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Re: Unity Connection Language File Error

Did you find a fix for this? I am getting the same error.


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Re: Unity Connection Language File Error

Hi Mrugesh,

I am guessing that you may seeing this issue;

For Cisco Unity Connection version 1.2, a new license tag-LicRegionIsUnrestricted-was added to the Connection license file.


Caution If you upgrade to Connection 1.2 without having installed a license that includes the new LicRegionIsUnrestricted tag, users will not be able to use English-United States as the language for the Connection 1.2 conversation. In addition, users will not be able to use personal call transfer rules.


Note that several months ago, Connection 1.1 customers were e-mailed information about getting a license with the additional tag, so you may already have installed a license with the tag.

If you complete the upgrade to Connection 1.2 and a license that includes the LicRegionIsUnrestricted tag has not been installed, and no Connection languages have been installed (other than English-United States, which is installed by default), and one or more Connection language settings were set to English-United States in version 1.1(1), you are alerted to a licensing problem in the following ways:

•During the upgrade, the Cisco Unity Connection Configuration Assistant alerts you that English-United States cannot be used on the system. The Configuration Assistant also alerts you that you must either install a license that allows using English-United States or install one or more Connection languages.

•When you log on to Cisco Unity Connection Administration, the Licensing page displays. You are not allowed to display any other Connection Administration pages.

•Connection logs errors in the Windows application event log.

•After 48 hours, Connection automatically stops taking calls. Thereafter, Connection checks hourly to determine whether the licensing violation has been resolved.

To resolve the licensing problem, install a license that includes the LicRegionIsUnrestricted tag. After you install the license file, you must restart Connection before it will start taking calls again.

If you choose not to install a license file that includes the LicRegionIsUnrestricted tag, you must install one or more Connection languages, change all language settings from English-United States to other languages, and delete all personal call transfer rules. (After you install one or more languages, Connection Administration allows you to display pages other than the Licensing page.)

Until you change the last language setting and delete the last personal call transfer rule, Connection continues to log licensing errors in the Windows application event log and stops taking calls after 48 hours.

All Connection 1.2 demonstration licenses include the LicRegionIsUnrestricted tag, so you can use English-United States on demonstration systems.

To Determine Whether the LicRegionIsUnrestricted License Tag Is Present


Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, expand System Settings, then click Licenses.

Step 2 On the Licenses page, click the name of the first license file.

Step 3 On the View License page, in the File Content box, search for the text LicRegionIsUnrestricted.

Step 4 If you do not find the text in the first file, search all of the other license files listed on the Licenses page.

Step 5 If "LicRegionIsUnrestricted" does not appear in any of the license files, get a license that contains the tag before you begin the upgrade to Connection 1.2.

For more information, send an e-mail to


Hope this helps!


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Re: Unity Connection Language File Error

Cisco provided me a new license file and everything works now.

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Re: Unity Connection Language File Error

I got my issue fixed, but this was the fix just incase anybody else runs into this again.

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