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Unity Connection - LDAP Lastname change?


We're running Unity Connection 8.0.2(c) and it is integrated with Active Directory. We have the sync process run once per night and new A.D. users show up each day. We imported a user several weeks ago from A.D., which pulled in the user ID, lastname, firstname, etc. just fine. Very recently she got married and her last name changed (A.D. was updated with the new lastname). Since she is an LDAP user the lastname field cannot be edited in Unity Connection. A.D. shows the new last name yet - despite several nights of the sync running correctly since that change - she still appears in Unity Connection with the old lastname.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Rob.

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Re: Unity Connection - LDAP Lastname change?

The Unity Connection server doesn't have a way to automatically sync existing LDAP users as far as I know, it just keeps the 'Import Users' list up to date. So your scheduled LDAP sync will not be affecting existing users.

Instead, go to 'Users' > 'Synch Users', choose your Communications Manager from the 'Find Imported Users In', find the user and then hit the 'Synch Selected' button. That should update that user.

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Re: Unity Connection - LDAP Lastname change?


Thanks for your reply. Unity Connection is sync'd to Active Directory, but not to any CallManager/Communications Manager (this implementation is deploying voicemail first - with legacy phones - then deploying new Cisco phones). So when I click on Users --> Synch Users I get:

No AXL Remote server was found. A Unified Communications Manager is required to synchronize users.

Which I suppose makes sense, since we are not sync'ing from any Communications Manager server.


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