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Unity Connection options

Hi all,

Is there a way to call into Unity Connection from an outside phone that does not require the * before inputting the number? I thought there was, but am not finding it now. Also, other than 9 to fast forward is there a way to go directly to the body of the voicemail message?



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Re: Unity Connection options

Hi Bernece,

I'm not sure there is any way to skip the * Star key when accessing

CUC from off-site. But maybe you could leverage this setting;

Alternate Extensions

In addition to the primary extension for each user, you can set up alternate extensions. Alternate extensions can be used for various reasons, such as handling multiple line appearances on user phones. Alternate extensions can also make calling Cisco Unity Connection from an alternate device—such as a mobile phone, a home phone, or a phone at another work site—more convenient.

When you specify the phone number for an alternative extension, Connection handles all calls from that number in the same way that it handles calls from a primary extension (assuming that ANI or caller ID is passed along to Connection from the phone system). This means that Connection associates the alternate phone number with the user account, and when a call comes from that number, Connection prompts the user to enter a password and log on.

If users set an alternate device to forward to Connection, callers can hear the user greeting and leave messages for the user, just as they would when dialing the primary extension of the user. (Callers can also be transferred to the alternate extension for a user from the automated attendant.) Users need to set forwarding from the device itself, not in Connection. Note that the phone number must be passed to Connection for the system to recognize the device.

And this setting for speeding up the Message access;

Playing New Messages Automatically

By default, users hear the Main Menu after they log on to Cisco Unity Connection. You can customize the conversation so that Connection plays new messages instead. When you do, users no longer have to press a key to play new messages because Cisco Unity Connection begins playing them automatically.

Otherwise, the conversation that users hear sounds and acts as usual:

•Connection plays the recorded name of the user, alternate greeting notification, new message counts, and the Message Type menu as specified.

•System broadcast messages, full mailbox warnings, reminders to reset passwords, and other such prompts are likewise played before Connection begins playing new messages.

•Users must indicate whether they want to save or delete a message before Connection plays the next new message.

•Users can exit message playback to hear the Main menu at any time. If users have no new messages, the Main menu is played as usual.

To specify that Connection plays new messages automatically in a template or for an individual user, do the following procedure.

To Specify That Cisco Unity Connection Plays New Messages Automatically

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, find the user account or template that you want to edit.

Step 2 On the Edit Menu, click Phone Menu.

Step 3 On the Phone Menu page, under After Logon Play, check the User's New Messages Automatically check box.

Step 4 Click Save.



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New Member

Re: Unity Connection options

Thanks Rob,

We do have the mail boxes to go directly to the new messages and have changed the Conversation menu to Brief. In the old system we were able to skip directly to the message and was trying to find a way to do that in Unity. I like the alternate number setup, but our users are not able to make these changes on their own until we encorporate AD for security reasons.

I thought there was a way to not have to hit the * first when calling from a different extention. I have not been able to find anything but was curious if there is a way.

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Re: Unity Connection options

Hi Bernece,

Good stuff my friend!

I can't think of any config/setting that will do what you are thinking

but there is this

By default, Connection is set up so that users hear the Connection Sign-In conversation, which prompts them for their ID and password when they press * during any user greeting—either their own or another user greeting. As an alternative, you can accommodate users who want an easier way to log on from their own greeting by offering the Easy Sign-In conversation, which prompts users only for a password.

Easy Sign-In

Prompts users to enter a password when they press a key during any user greeting.

Disabled by default. (No key is mapped to the Easy Sign-In conversation.)

Users can dial their extensions and log on quickly without having to remember the pilot number to access Connection by phone.

Users may prefer Easy Sign-In to the Sign-In conversation because it saves them from having to re-enter an extension during the logon process. Note that Connection uses the calling extension (rather than the dialed extension) to determine which mailbox the user is trying to log on to.



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Re: Unity Connection options

Hi Rob,

I just wanted to give you an update on how I worked around not have to place a * when dialing from a phone other than the one the voicemail is associated with.

I created a "foward routing rule" in Unity Connection. I placed "SubSignIn" in the send call to. And created another number to call that was different then the pilot number. I put this in as an "equal" number. Then I created a CTI route pattern in CUCM that pointed it to unity.

Just so you know that it can be done globally if wanted.

Thanks for all your help.

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Re: Unity Connection options

Hey Bernece,

Thanks for posting back with your excellent resolution here +5 points

for this very kind follow-up my friend

Cheers! Have a great weekend!