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unity connection question

hello we have unity connection 7.1.3 this is our scenario

we have unity connection set up to import users from CUCM. this is our little issue so far

when we have a user assigned to extension 1000 for example, when that user is gone from the company and when we have a new user that is going to replace the former employee, we want the new employee to retrieve the messages stored in ext 1000, (that's easy we just reset the password and have the new user put the password, recordings and greetings) however if we don't delete the former user from unity conneciton > users >user, the new info of the new user won't show up, ie.  name, alias, last name. and our dial by name directory wouldn't be accurate.

do you guys know a way to change these settings dynamically without deleting the user, hence voicemail will be there

or if you guys know a way to backup a single voicemail mail box before deleting the user, that'd be great. thank you

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Re: unity connection question

Hi Cristobal,

Have you tried just changing the Extension for the user who is leaving from 1000

to something else (can be any unused number). Then setup the new employee

under 1000 and give them access to xxxx (whatever you changed 1000 to in the previous step)

Once the new user has listened to the "old" messages the temporary mailbox xxxx can be


This will always be a two-step process, but is a much cleaner method for the new user.



Re: unity connection question

To answer your later question for backing up a single user - look in to the COBRAS utility:

It is such a great utility for importing/exporting user accounts/call handlers, etc.


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