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Unity Connection Recording Format

I have Unity Connection 7.0 set up where the line codec is G729 & the recording format is G729a, but seem to be getting garbled messages.

I was looking at the design guide that states:

In Cisco Unity Connection a call in any codec format that is supported by Connection SCCP or SIP signalling (G.711 mu-law, G.711 a-law, G.729, iLBC and G.722) will always be transcoded to Linear PCM. From Linear PCM the recording is encoded in the system level recording format

In that case is it best to leave the recording format as PCM so as to reduce the amount of times transcoding takes place?

The design guide does recommend that if G729 is used as the line codec, it is best to set the recording format as G729a, but if it will be first transcoded to PCM would this not potentially degrade the recording when played back?


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