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Unity Connection - Remove US/Active language list


An excerpt from a previous post:


I've installed the UK English pack so now my system supports both UK/US english.

I've set the default language for the system to UK, and the users are set to UK.

However, if I go into any TUI bit to record a greeting I'm always prompted whether I wish to record for US or UK English - is it possible to disable US English so that this question isn't asked?

Answer from Jeff Lindborg:

No, for each active language on the system (you can take US english out of the active list if you like) subscribers are given the option to record greetings for any of the languages - there's no way to have a list of languages that are installed and active for the TUI that are not offered for greeting recordings for subscribers.

New Question:

So how do I remove a language from the active list?



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Re: Unity Connection - Remove US/Active language list

Couple options, though I am not sure which will work for your situation:

1) Remove the English (US) from the Loaded Languages lists in Unity SA:

Under "Configuration-->Phone Languages" and "Configuration-->GUI" Languages screens, move the English (US) language from "Loaded" to "Available" and restart the Unity services. You might have problems removing English (US) if you used the Platform Configuration Disk to install the OS Image (see the notes below on Server and Unity Locale compatibility).

2) Remove the English (US) language completely from the Unity server:

To remove a language from Unity, you must run the Unity Installation program again and de-select the language you want to remove.

Be aware though, that if you used the Cisco Unity OS Installation Image, it automatically sets the Locale of Windows 2000 to English (United States). Because of this, you cannot remove the English (United States) language option from Unity, as Unity must have the language that matches the Server OS Locale installed in order to function.

If you are in this situation and still want to remove English (US) from the Unity server, you might be able to use DIRT to backup the server, then re-build it using the Windows 2000/2003 Server CD to install the OS and set the Locale to the Locale you want. Then finish the installation of Unity and perform a DIRT Restore.

I am not sure (I have never tried it) if DIRT can backup a server on one Locale and restore it to another, so you should call TAC and open a case to be sure this would work before attempting it.

Below is an excerpt from the Unity 4.x Installation guide that explains Locale situation:


Step 15 In the Cisco Unity Languages dialog box, choose the language(s) to install, and click Next.

If you installed Windows by using the manufacturer's guided system-setup utility and a retail Windows disc, one of the languages you choose here must match the locale you specified when you installed Windows.


Caution If the locale you specified when you installed Windows does not match any of the installed Cisco Unity languages, Cisco Unity will log errors in the event log and may stop taking calls. The language you choose here must exactly match the locale you selected when you installed Windows. For example, if you chose English (United Kingdom) for locale, you must also choose English (United Kingdom) as one of the Cisco Unity languages. English (Australia) will not work.


If you installed Windows by using the Platform Configuration discs that are shipped with the Cisco Unity server, the locale is automatically set to English (United States). The Cisco Unity Setup program always installs English (United States), so you do not need to choose it as one of the languages to install.

Note that if the system will be using text to speech (TTS) and will be using English (Australia) or English (New Zealand) as the phone language, also install English (United States) or English (United Kingdom) for the TTS language.


Here is a Link to that section of the install guide:


Hope this helps!

Thank you,


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Re: Unity Connection - Remove US/Active language list

Sorry, missed that this was a Unity Connection question. Please disregard my last.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection - Remove US/Active language list

For UC there is no active languages list like there is in Unity. At least, not one that I know of.

The more specific reason you are being offered to record either US or UK English prompts is because in your User's Message Settings page they have "Language That Callers Hear" set to Inherit.

If you set that to something else, like either to use the system default language, or to a specific language, the prompt should go away. That is the only way I know of to get rid of that prompt.