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Unity connection replication messages in traces

UNity conn 8.5, been having issues with some nodes not completing replication, due to errors, so trying to determine if this message is normal, or an error.  The USN sent = USN ACK in both cluster 1 and 3, I see these messages that make it appear that replication is stalled, and stopped working.   Is this just a standard message to indicate the box is ready for the next USN, so the process has paused , and not stalled ?

Or is this a error saying it cannot get the next USN?

USN ACK = 32742, USN sent = 32742  SAME. good.

Msgs keep appearing repeatedly:

09:54:54.340 |11390,UsnAckJob,,CuReplicator,13,Sending changes for USN(s): 32742, to clt-ucvmpubc1 via message file CuReplicator_32742_828254108477723821.txt

09:54:54.340 |11390,UsnAckJob,,CuReplicator,3,Moved file=CuReplicator_32742_828254108477723821.txt, messageId=<


> to SMTP pickup folder.

09:54:54.340 |11390,UsnAckJob,,CuReplicator,13,Sent PUSH-ACKNOWLEDGE (32742) to location clt-ucvmpubc1

09:54:56.733 |11389,StalledReplicationDetector,,CuReplicator,13,Expecting USN 32743 from location clt-ucvmpubc1

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Unity connection replication messages in traces

DOes this message mean the replicator is stalled , only paused waiting for its next USN ?


Unity connection replication messages in traces

Usually, trace files are the last thing to check. I would do utils dbreplication status and check the output by entreing file view activelog.

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Unity connection replication messages in traces

Thats not what im asking about.  I already know that DBRep is working, from those commands you mentioned.

The point is, these msgs appear in the syslog file output continously, which is sent to our remote syslog server, which then opens tickets to our helpdesk automatically.  This is our way of getting heads up proactively that something is broken, before the results are seen.

So i need to determine the true meaning of these syslog msgs, is DB rep stalled, broken or is the process in a pause mode, and to ignore these msgs is what I need to know.

Unity connection replication messages in traces

Someone else may have the exact answer but check this out:

There is a Replication Interval and Stalled Replication Timeout variables related to detecting a Stalled Replication.

Maybe you can adjust the timeout variable to get rid of the messages.

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