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unity connection schedule

Hello gents,


just one simple question.


I have schedule created on my unity connection system and here is what is displayed on screen:

                   Start time                                                            End Time

Tue Apr 17 08:00:18 CEST 1934                          Tue Apr 17 12:00:18 CEST 1934


My question is: what does 1934 means???? Is it year?


Unity is synchronised with an NTP server.


Thanks for your help.




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Hello Thibaut, Is this

Hello Thibaut,


Is this schedule the one on: Cisco Unity Connection Administration> System Settings> Schedule

Or are you viewing this from the CLI?


If you are indeed properly synchronized with NTP you can confirm with the command: utils ntp status.


Yes i believe 1934 would stand for the year, however i'm unaware where are you actually viewing this.





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Hello David, yes, info is

Hello David,


yes, info is shown on  Cisco Unity Connection Administration> System Settings> Schedule

NTP Status is ok:

Thu Apr 17 16:59:34 CEST 2014

With the NTP status, it appears that 1934 maybe the year but I don't understand where the bug is...



Thibaut,Do you happen to have


Do you happen to have installed any timezone updates (COP file i.e ciscocm.dst-updater.2013d-el5.9.1.2.cop.sgn), you can confirm this by running via CLI: show version active


If this is a cluster make sure replication tables are ok: utils dbreplication runtimestate


For this schedule is it something that can be recreated or just happen to notice it randomly?

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Local cop file installed.We

Local cop file installed.

We have migrated from 2 to 9 on a new server for 2 months.


when creating a new schedule, same information (1934)


Do the following commands

Do the following commands display the correct time/date as well:


show cuc sysinfo

show date


Do you have digital networking in place?


An option to find out which table is possibly holding that value would be to run the CUDLI tool and do a search:

Cisco Employee

the only place start and stop

the only place start and stop times are stored for schedules is in the vw_shceduledetail view - schedule details are associated with all schedules and all holidays - only holiday schedule details include a date/time for the stop and start, regular schedules are daily with just stop and start times (stored as minutes from midnight).

Looking in CUDLI under my 10.0(1) system the date/times for start/stop on holiday schedules looks like this:

4/27/2014 09:00:00

that's a specific Informix date format (for 9am on 4/27) - if you're dates are showing up from 1934 it's not likely a DB configuration issue - we're not pulling the dates and times from the DB, they're set based on what the NTP server under us is saying the current time/date is.



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Hello, The 2 commandsshow cuc



The 2 commands

show cuc sysinfo

show date

display correct date.


Still not know where is the issue...


Thanks for your help.




Hello Thibaut,Was there any

Hello Thibaut,

Was there any resolution on this issue?




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