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Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???

The design and installation/configuration documents hint that a speech to text service can be set up for Unity Conneciton 8.  However, the documentation is extremely sketchy at best.

While the docs state that it's an external service, they don't give you a clue as to where you would go to get it if a customer wanted it.

If we assume a customer is asking for Speechview, where does one get it?

My personal belief is that this should be better addressed in both UC design and configuration guides, but since it isn't, does anyone know?    

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Re: Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???

In order to use it all you need is this:

Requirements for Using SpeechView Transcriptions

The SpeechView feature—which provides transcriptions of voice  messages—is supported with Cisco Unity Connection version 8.0(2) and  later.

Users must have SpeechView User  licenses.

Users must be assigned to a  class of service enabled for using SpeechView transcriptions of voice  messages.

Not sure what you mean by " where you would go to get it"

You only need to meet the requirements and follow the configuration guide.

SpeechView Transcriptions of Voice Messages in Cisco Unity Connection  8.x

Configuring Transcription (SpeechView) in Cisco Unity Connection 8.x

Overview of SpeechView in Cisco Unity Connection 8.x

Revised April 2010

When the SpeechView feature is enabled, Cisco Unity Connection uses a  third-party external transcription service to convert voice messages to  text. When a voice message arrives, it is delivered to the mailbox of  the recipient with a blank text attachment. When the completed  transcription is returned by the transcription service, the text  attachment is updated with the text of the transcription, or with an  error message if there was a problem with the transcription. Only the  first 500 characters of a message transcription are provided, so longer  messages are truncated. However, users have access to the original  recording in its entirety.

Connection sends the audio portion of a voice message to the  transcription service, without details about the sender or recipients of  the message. Communication between Connection and the external  transcription service is secured by using S/MIME over SMTP.

To use SpeechView, users must belong to a class of service that enables  transcriptions of voice messages. Members of the class of service can  view the transcriptions of their messages by using an IMAP client that  is configured to access their Connection messages. The original voice  message remains attached to the transcribed text message.

You can also configure an SMS or SMTP notification device for users so  that Connection sends transcriptions to an SMS-compatible phone or an  external email address; users can configure SMS or SMTP notification  devices for themselves if they have access to the Connection Messaging  Assistant web tool. The original voice message is not attached to  transcription messages sent to notification devices, but the device can  be configured to include the phone number that users call to reach  Connection, so after viewing the transcription they can call Connection  to listen to the voice message.



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Re: Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???

Thanks, but your reply doesn't really help. It does highlight the problem though. From the docs (and quoted in your message):

>When the SpeechView feature is enabled, Cisco Unity Connection uses a third-party external transcription service to convert voice messages to text

The keyword is that the transcription service is EXTERNAL....meaning it isn't part of Unity's on another server somewhere. There is all kinds of documentation on how to set Unity Connection up to transfer messages over to the external server, but nothing that describes WHAT that other server is or WHERE it comes from.

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Re: Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???


Indeed this is a tricky feature to find in-depth documentation on.

So it appears Cisco has an agreement with Nuance to get this to work. However it appears the customer is only responsible for purchasing the license for feature and not responsible for getting your own external vendor. Any problem with the service would still go directly through Cisco.

More documentation and videos can be found at the following link produced by the DE's that developed the feature and product.

If you go here look under SpeechView (8.0(2)) found at bottom of page.

Hope that helps some.



Re: Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???

Still could use more.

There is not a complete configuration guide and the customer wants a proof of concept.

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Re: Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???

The Answer Monkey site (inside joke) that Scott referenced is your best bet at this point. Even the upcoming 8.5 release documentation hasn't fleshed this out a whole lot further than what you will see there. The videos are the most useful becase your MTA (e.g. Exchange, Sendmail, etc) must play a role in this feature.

You can get a proof of concept working by requesting a 60-day demo license from SWIFT: Unity Connection Speech View Demo License

Also, for the record, this is a yearly subscription license model - not a one-time purchase.

Re: Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???

Very helpful. Thank you!


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Re: Unity Connection - Speechview??? Where???


Were you able to grab a demo license for your proof of concept?  Let me know if you have any trouble getting the license or getting the feature enabled. Also, SpeechView will come off NPH on the 20th of September so you will be able to order permanent licenses at that point.

Let me know if you have any other questions on the feature.


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