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Unity Connection transfer to VM circumvention


I'm having some questions while implementing a Unity Connection 7.1 (part of a CUCM:BE).

The idea is to forward callers on a no answer to the reception during the day and transferring to voicemail during night (using the Unity openingshour/holiday schedule).

To implement this I have altered the standard/closed greetings on user level to forward to the operators number/take a message depending of the schedule.

The problem is that there needs to be an option for the receptionist to forward calls directly to voicemail. Also it's impossible for users to forward there phones to go straight to voicemail during daytime.

For the first problem I made a *XXXX which makes it possible to forward the caller to the Unity. However since the day schedule is active the caller gets again forwarded to the operator.

I tried to implement a separate forwarded routing rule, sending all calls coming from the reception to the voicemail call handler, however while doing this the call gets forwarded to the standard VM-account and not to the users particular mailbox . It seems it is loosing his forwarding information.

I made a workaround by adding a caller "input key" to the users profile, while forwarding to the VM of the user, the operator can press for example "1" to go to the voicemail of the user. However it doesn't play any welcome message and directly plays the tone and accepts the message.

To solve all of these problems, is it possible to create two voicemail pilots with a seperate call routing behind?

For example the reception will use the *XXXX option and the call gets forwarded to a voice-mail pilot with an "always on voicemail" the same for forwarding to voicemail via CFWDA. And a second vm-pilot will forward to the reception during day and to vm during night.

Otherwise if this is not possible, can this be solved by any way with call-handlers, and how will the forwarded number will be recognized by the voicemail-call handler?

If none of these are possible, is there a way to proceed the "take message"-function with a standard message? (the input key used to abort the forward to the reception and being forwarded to voicemail).

Also I'd like to use the schedule in unity for holiday purpose (I'll like to avoid the time based routing in the callmanager)

I know it's a question covering various areas, I hope someone has some insights on this.

Thanks in advance,


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Connection transfer to VM circumvention

Read through your post a few times and I'm still not sure I understand exactly what difficulties you're having here - perhaps you can simply state precisely what you're trying to do and some examples of how you'd like it to work - the info about what you've tried that didn't work is rather confusing since it seems to contradict what you say you want it to do at the start (unless I'm not understanding your scenario).

If all you want is for calls during the day to go to a receptionist then why not just create one forwarded routing rule that is active during the day that sends calls directly to the receptionist? If it's after hours it'll fall through to the next routing rule (presumably attempt forward to greeting) which will send the call to the user's greeting as normal.

I suspect there's some twist here making this more challanging however. Pretty sure this can be done with routing rules and the "route from next" option on some handlers but I need a clearer pitcture of your desired call flow.

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Re: Unity Connection transfer to VM circumvention


thanks for your response, I was a bit extensive in my description.

Anyhow I solved the problem by creating two seperate VM-pilots and creating a filter on the ports used in unity.



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