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Unity Connection v7.01 and Alternate extension weirdness

I have a user who will ring on both a local number (xxx-yyy-zzzz) and also a toll-free number (866-yyy-zzzz). When a call is placed to the local number and she doesn't answer the call, the call is transferred to voice mail and it hits her voice mailbox and everything is cool. When the call comes in on the toll-free line, sometimes the call hits her voice mailbox like it is supposed to but sometimes it is forwarded to the main line (operator). I think that it is related to time of day. Everytime I've tested it, it has not worked properly before 8AM or after 5PM (which is the schedule for her mailbox) but there's some who claim that they've had the opposite experience. I jumped into the PSTN voice gateway and ran a 'debug isdn q931' to see what was going on during the call and they both look identical with the exception that the toll-free call has a redirecting number field that shows the 10 digits of the toll-free number. In Unity, for the user's mailbox, we've defined an Alternate Extension that is the 10 digits for the toll-free number (matches the redirecting number field that I see in the PSTN debug). Does anybody know if Alternate extension is tied to time of day in Unity Connection?

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Re: Unity Connection v7.01 and Alternate extension weirdness

Do you have any forwarded routing rules that have conditions based on schedules?

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