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Unity connection voicemail deletion


We faced a problem with HD usage on cisco unity.  When I check the diskusage see:

admin:show status

Host Name    : Unity

Date         : Fri Dec 2, 2011 00:34:15

Time Zone    : Europe/Paris

Locale       : en_US.UTF-8

Product Ver  :

Platform Ver :

admin:show diskusage common sort

his command can take significantly long time,

and can also effect the system wide IOWAIT on your system.

Continue (y/n)?y

Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on

/dev/cciss/c0d0p6     43340336  36506360   4632412  89% /common


18886560        /common/var-connection/mail

18886556        /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1

708976  /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/2011.06.24-

708084  /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/2011.05.27-

700616  /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/2011.06.26-

669464  /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/2011.05.24-

646180  /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/2011.06.09-

645844  /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/2011.04.14-

634640  /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/2011.06.26-

617064  /common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1/2011.06.18-

Anyone knows if it is possible to remove the .wav files under the above directories?  Or can we delete the directories under "



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Re: Unity connection voicemail deletion

These WAV files are your voicemails! You can force them to be cleaned up by modifying the message aging policy. Also be aware that each message store (i.e. unitymbxdb1) has size limitations of it's own. If adjusting the message aging policy does not get you sufficient space you may need to move to larger hard disks in the server. This would require a backup/install/restore sequence.

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Unity connection voicemail deletion

Thanks Jonathan for your reply.

When I look to unitymbxdb1 with the browser I  see it at about 1G size.(End users clean up was requested/in progress).

Its size with ssh connection is 18G!

With Unity version  2.1, aging policy seems to be for only read/saved voice mails.  So if  voice mails are unread then the aging policy is not applied to them (As  per cisco TAC engineer as this unity version 2.1 not 8.x)

But I am still wondering why we can not delete files/directories under "/common/var-connection/mail/unitymbxdb1"?

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