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Unity connection Vs Unity Full Messaging.


whats the difference with these two systems, generally speaking. im seeing that both can be intergrated with Exchange to receive both voice and email messages....


Re: Unity connection Vs Unity Full Messaging.


I'm not all that familiar with Unity Connection details, but I can give you a big picture.

1. Unity (both Unified Messaging and Voice Messaging) stores voice messages in the Exchange message store, and uses the Exchange Transfer Agent for routing voice messages. Unity Connection stores voice messages on the Connection server, and takes care of routing voice messages. It uses IMAP to get at email. I found this link that explains more about Unity Connection and IMAP:

2. Unity can be networked with other Unity servers via Digital Networking. Currently, Unity Connection doesn't support that.

3. Unity can be networked with other voice mail systems via AMIS, VPIM, or the Unity Bridge. Unity Connection 2.x supports VPIM only:

How's that?


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Re: Unity connection Vs Unity Full Messaging.

Unity, or Unified Messaging is fully incorporated into Exchange, where the voice message is sent to your inbox as well as your phone, when you delete one, you delete both. You use Outlook as normal with the voice messaging as an integrated part of it.

Unity Connection can retrieve regular emails from an Exchange server using IMAP, you can listen to your emails on your phone. When you recive a new email, your phone can light up showing you have new mail. UM is a full blown do everything system, UC a stripped down version of UM, BUT UC also incorporates voice recognition, where Unity doesnt. Say or press 1 type deal that we all love so much.

Does it work? um, I havent gotten it to work yet, since my inbox has well over 5000 emails in it, UC tells me I have 100 saved messages, but doesnt play them back.

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