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Unity Connections 7.1x, Auto Attendant

Problem: We use 5 digit dialing on a CUCM cluster integrated with PBX's in health care. We are migrating to Unity Connections 7.1 at the end of the month. When we setup an auto attendant we are finding some pretty major limitations. First off # doesn't allow callers to terminate dialing. For example if I dial an extension followed by # nothing happens until the inter-digit timeout expires.

And second, and most important, there is no way in UC to specify I'm only looking for 5 digits. So ... if a user enters 3 digits, then pauses (looking at a business card for the other 2 digits) the call can be transferred to the 3 digits entered before the caller has time to complete the number. If I increase the inter-digit timeout to say 5 seconds the caller has to wait 5 seconds after they complete dialing all 5-digits before the call is transferred.

Thoughts on this?


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Re: Unity Connections 7.1x, Auto Attendant

The second "limitation" is there for Unity as well - there's never been a way to say "I'm looking for X digits exactly".

# works fine on my tests here. I tried it against 7.1(2) and 8.0 EFT systems. Not sure how you guys are testing it that does not let you terminate a DTMF sequence with a # there...

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Re: Unity Connections 7.1x, Auto Attendant

Just a follow up here - there does appear to be a problem in some lines of 7.1 (possibly 7.0 as well) introduced by the cross box handoff logic (i.e. the option to have Unity/Connection "hand off" a call to the home server of a user for login) that disables the immediate termiate behavior of the # key. Things like "#2" still work but it doesn't terminate and take action immediately.

The bug to track this is CSCtc54565 - the conversation team is looking to produce an ES for this in the 7.1 line (and 7.0 if necessary I suspect).

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