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Unity Connections MWI App

I'm looking for an inexpensive app that generates a list of users on a wall monitor/display who have a voice message (Unity Connections) waiting for them. My customer has a lot (200) of vm-only users (manufacturing environment) without ready access to an endpoint. The end result is to display the names of employees with MWI activated so the employees can check their messages when on a scheduled break. This is a manufacturing floor with scheduled breaks where all employees take break at the same time.

Thanks for the help or insight!


Re: Unity Connections MWI App

You would probably better off with this solution:

- kiosks with access limited to the web voicemail application to unity connection. Basically gives the subscribers web access to their voicemail. You could even port to this through an port on your firewall so the floor employees could check their voicemails at home. Create a DNS name easy way to log in and check vmail. Then, if they have a cell phone, they can setup notifications to have it alert them if they have a new voicemail. In this sense, you are providing technlogy training at minimal costs to your floor employees. They all probably have cell phones, and they all probably check their voicemails on breaks, or carry their phones with them.

- I was thinking that using 79xx series with Unity 5.x or Citrix application Gateway to give you Visual Voicemail on the IP Phone screen, but it might be a little cumbersome.


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Re: Unity Connections MWI App

Hey Tommer,

Some good ideas here for sure! This is a tough one. 5 points from this end!

I was thinking that you might have seen someone out there using strands of Christmas Lights and a Flashing Colour coded Matrix to accomplish this! (much like the person with the rather humble overhead paging system ;)

Take care,


Re: Unity Connections MWI App

If there was a way to use xmas lights, with different colored bulbs, hardwired into 200 7940 phones MWI light, we would be set! ha

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Re: Unity Connections MWI App

Don't laugh too hard... this is exactly what they have right now to display BLF for their call center!

Thanks for the thoughts gents - I was hoping to find something with a little less participation on the subsribers part - especially since cell service withing their manufacturing buildings is virtually non-existent.



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