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Unity Conversation

Unity 4.0.5, UM

Send delete items to Delete folder in CoS is enabled.

Text-to-Speech is enabled and licensed.

When I recieve a new VM I delete it using TUI.

When I recieve a new E-mail I delete it using OWA.

When I hit messages I go to Saved Messages then to Deleted messages option through the conversation I get you have 2 deleted items then Unity conversation continues and say 1 email bla bla then 1 VM bla bla.

Is there an option to restrict Unity to play only Deleted VM, not E-mails?

I saw 1 option in the AST, but it restrict all Deleted items.

Does Unity have this feature available?

Or should I contact my AM for a feature request?

Thanks Unity gurus!


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Conversation

No, all three stacks (new, saved, deleted) use the same filters to determine which messages you hear (i.e. do you get emails or not) - there's no way to say you want to hear voice, emails and faxes in your inbox but only voice mails in your deleted items folder for instance...

you can dictate that when you _empty_ the deleted items folder it only removed voice messages - but there's no way to dictate you don't hear anything other than voice mails.

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