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New Member

Unity COS License Error, insufficent license.

Customer has Untiy 4.02 with 340 VM only license. They have 340 users defines with 340 license. They want to change the COS to a user. This new COS has NO new licensed features. It seems that the license check routine is running up against add new before it subtracts the license. I have confirmed that this new COS is NOT adding any new licensed features.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity COS License Error, insufficent license.

I seem to recall a bug along these lines but searching around DDTS I can't find the exact one that matches this description.

One thing to try - you can change a user's COS from their profile page, of course (which is probably what you're doing) or you can do it from the COS page itself. Try the latter option - go to the COS page in the SA, select the COS that the user is currently assigned to. Select the "reassign" radio button on the "subscribers" link for that cos and search for the user - when you find them, select the COS you want to move them to and hit the "reassign" button.

The logic on this page may be more accurate to take into account the removal of the existing assignment first before assigning them to the new COS. Worth a try anyway.

New Member

Re: Unity COS License Error, insufficent license.

Tried that too. Either going to the subscriber or going through the COS re-assign, I get the same error. If I delete a subscriber to free up a license, the process works fine. I looks in the TAC notes to find a bug id but nothing there. There was a post in the forum in April 2003, but no resolution. Do you know if its fixed in 4.03 or 4.04 Unity. I could present an upgrade option to my customer, but dont want to go there unless I know its fixed. Please advise.

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