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Unity Data Store Off-Box?

My understanding is that SQL cannot be off box for Unity. What is the technical reason for that. We are getting push back from our SQL team to put it on a shared infrastructure.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Data Store Off-Box?


Not sure if I understand your scenario... but Unity requires that SQL be installed locally on the server. The Unity application needs local access to SQL. The installation guide walks you through the steps in which you need to follow to install SQL or MSDE. You may also want to check out the Software Requirements that tell you SQL is required locally:

Unity was not designed for off-box database access, pretty cut and dry.

Hope that helps,


Re: Unity Data Store Off-Box?

I think its more of a Cisco TAC support issue. The SRND guide has the following:

If SQL is off-box, and Unity can not connect to it, Unity is basically down. The actual install of Unity may prohibit you from even install Unity without having SQL server onbox. (never tried)

Your best bet is to follow the SRND guide exactly. Also, I would have to say Cisco does not support Unity with offbox SQL. (from TAC support, to the installtion of Unity, etc).

Technically, Unity software needs immediate access to SQL database, or the caller may not hear the wav file. We are talking about miliseconds here. Where as if you had a web server, making calls to a SQL database, its ok for a second delay here and there. Voice should never have delay (or voice applications)


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