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unity delivery location still has old profile

I've just installed a fresh copy of unity 4.0 after a hardware failure. Now, I have a problem with delivery location because the new unity is displaying the old delivery profile. Plus, it is greyed out and i can't delete it. Where does unity pulled this old profile from ? How do I remove it ?

Cisco Employee

Re: unity delivery location still has old profile

So I'm assuming this wasn't a new install and a DiRT restore of a backup, correct? I'm also assuming AD/Exchange here, not Domino, right?

All subscribers and location objects are represented in AD as objects - these are replicated around to other Unity servers which pull them in. Since you installed the box fresh and didn't do a DiRT restore (which would synch up to all those objects) then it's pulling those objects in and assuming they're associated with another Unity server on your network - hence the inability to edit/remove them.

In addition to the location objects, I'm assuming all your subscribers cannot be imported into this Unity server again since they're "tagged" as beng associated with your old server. So - to solve the subscriber issue, you can use the Remove Subscriber Properties tool found here:

this lets you strip the Unity "tags" off those users and import them into your new install for cases like this. For location objects, you can't import them again, you'll have to create them from scratch. You'll need to delete the old ones out of AD manually. They're stored under the Unity container by default although you may have selected an alternate location during setup.

Be very careful about which one's you remove - the primary location object associated with your current Unity install will be there as well and if you remove that you'll do the system harm.

Community Member

Re: unity delivery location still has old profile

I have only one unity box, so pretty much like a new installation after the hardware failure. Yes, It is AD/exchange environment setup.

I did check the unity container but it is blank, I might be doing it all wrong. Could you elaborate a bit about how to access to Unity container ?

Is it ok to leave those old delivery location without affecting unity new delivery location ? I am planning to test vpim messaging between unity and 3rd party voicemail.

Community Member

Re: unity delivery location still has old profile

I've found and delete the key on unity container but it is still diplaying the old delivery location.

Cisco Employee

Re: unity delivery location still has old profile

First, those old delivery locations aren't going to hurt anything - they're just annoying to have to see.

Second, it may take a while before Unity's directory service removes them from the Unity DB in SQL - depending on what DC Unity is connected to it can take a while to trickle through. If worse comes to worse you can remove them manually from the GlobalLocation table in UnityDB in SQL if they are not removed on their own.

Community Member

Re: unity delivery location still has old profile

You know I'm having an issue with the Unity SQL db. I have a domino back end message store. I deleted two profiles from a Unity server. One profile was deleted successfully across all the other unity servers that are in the same dialing domain. However, the other one remained. So, when I imported a new profile with the same extension, there are two profiles with the same extensions in the global subscriber table. First, are there replication issues with SQL. Secondly, are there any tools that can be used to monitor the SQL db and any error.

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