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Unity Design Question


Out current environment includes 2 Unity servers (Primary/Failover), running version 4.0.5 and about 2000 VM-only mailboxes (no UM). These boxes are member servers in an isolated AD domain,

with the off-box mailstore Exch2K server acting as the DC/GC of that domain. There are no other AD domains in the network.

The plan is to add another Unity server at a remote location, and move about 200 or so of the current subscribers (and couple of call handlers) to that server. We would like to network (Digitally) all the Unity servers so messages can be transfered/forwarded between sites. The dialing domain will be unique at each location.

Do we make the new Unity server another member server in the existing domain, or should it be promoted to another DC in the same domain? How about the mailstore? Should Exchange be installed

on the new Unity server also, or we could point it to the existing exchange server as our only mailstore? I guess this could be done in a couple of different ways, but I'm looking to get ideas for any best practices regarding this. Any design documents or white papers you can point me to would be appreciated.

BTW: The WAN between the sites is a DS-3 (or higher) pipe, so latency shouldn't be an issue.



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Re: Unity Design Question

For digital networking the Unity server must belong to the same Active Directory forest (common directory).

Refer to the following doc for information on the DC/Member questions.

I would recommend a local Exchange server for the new Unity server. Exchange could be on the new Unity server unless you want failover.


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