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Unity Design questions

We are designing a Unified messaging v4.2 integration with Exchange 2003 solution. I have the following questions:

1. Can Unity manage which or how many messages it forwards to the Exchange? Can we configure an upper limit of messages size that can be stored at the Exchange?

2. If a vmail is heard through the Outlook does Unity mark it as read as well (MWI off)?



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Design questions

1. Unity does not "sync" with Exchange, it stores voice mails in the Exchange mailstore for each user natively. So it's not forwarding messages at all. Inbox size restrictions are all managed in Exchange (or Domino as the case may be), there is not a seperate limit specific to type so you can't say I only want mailboxes to have a max of X meg of voice mail but Y meg of total space.

2. Yes - as noted we use the Exchange (or Domino) mailstore natively and MWI as well as other notification triggers are based on the read/unread status of messages in the user's inbox. As such if you mark the message read via any desktop client, Unity will turn the lamp off if there are no other unread voice mail messages in that user's mailbox.

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Re: Unity Design questions

1. All messages are stored on Exchange as that is your messege store. You can configure quote limit on Exchange and set the maximum lenght of messege on Unity (default is 300 seconds)

2. If you open the email with the messege then the MWI will go off.



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