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Unity DIRT bckup

Unity version 4.0.5.

If I am installing unity on a new server can I restore the DIRT backup on a new server who's IP and hostname DOESNOT match the old server name?

Secondly ,

If I am doing exchange server migration and old exchange server name is differnet that new exchange server after I restore the DIRT backup on the new unity server do I have to use any tools so that exchange server name in the database matches the new server.

FYI... Alias name of users are the same on new and old Exchange server.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity DIRT bckup

Yes. Please review the DiRT help file in detail, it talks about the supported scenarios which include restoring into different domains, with different server names, different Exchange configurations and such.

The latest version of DiRT along with it's help file can be found here:

You may also want to read the reconfiguration and upgrade guide which also covers these scenarios - you can get it here:


Re: Unity DIRT bckup


Thanks a lot for your information.So after the DIRT restore on the new unity server in the new domain with new exchange server will the exchange server name be automatically syched with the new exchange server name?


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity DIRT bckup

yes. if the mail aliases match, DiRT will bind with that account - if no match is found then a new account will be created - again, this sync process is covered in some detail in the help file.


Re: Unity DIRT bckup

Thanks a lot Jeff.

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