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Unity - DiRT Restore 1.1.13

Upon launch, I am unable to type anything in the "Backup Source Location"

If I select browse and choose any directory with a valid backup it locks up the entire application and I am unable to restore.

I am running w2k server, sp4, and unity 4.0(3) - if you need anything else, please let me know.

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Re: Unity - DiRT Restore 1.1.13

You're not supposed to be able to free type the restore location - that's expected.

not sure what's up with it locking up - if it were a read only location or the like it would throw an error - all it's doing there is looking for files and directories to see if it's a valid backup location - not much else going on.

If you copy the files locally, does it work? If so there's something wrong with the share/UNC setup to your backup location I suspect...

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Re: Unity - DiRT Restore 1.1.13

Ok, but that takes away from simple UNC paths. I expected to be able to since I can free type in the backup exe, just not restore.

I copied it locally and everything started ok, now I get to troubleshoot the user failing errors. Good thing I pulled one of the drives before starting!

Lindborg - if you have any quick responses to the errors below, great - otherwise, feel free to direct me to TAC, as I already have an open case with them. Thanks!


I have no clue about this one!

Directory Sync Errors:

(error):-2147467259 (Method '~' of object '~' failed) in procedure Form_Load of Form frmMain


All user MBXs failing!! Exchange was running and I should have the correct permissions - wait - I used the unityinstall account and it's not part of the Schema Admins group - would that be it?

[16:44:14] Error opening message store (MSEMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. (0x8004011d)


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Re: Unity - DiRT Restore 1.1.13

Not sure what you mean by all user MBX's are failing - are AD accounts being created? Were they created already but didn't have mailboxes? If AD users are being created but mailboxes are not this is a RUS issue - DiRT does not have such great powers as to dictate that mailboxes are created or not - it asks the DirSyncSvr service to create AD users with mailboxes or bind to existing AD accounts and that's it - if the AD accounts are created without mailboxes then the Recipient Update Service (Exchange) is not flying and you need to investigate that seperately.

To be clear, DiRT is not creating the users or the mailboxes directly so the account you're running it under does not need such rights - as long as the directory services for Unity are flying right it should work since DiRt asks those services to do the heavy lifting here.

I'm assuming prior to doing a DiRt restore you created a test user via the SA and make sure they got a mailbox and were flying %100?

Aside from that, I can't speculate what's wrong with your system - sounds like something upstream from DiRT and it'd definitely be a good idea to open a TAC case.

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