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Unity, DiRT restore to new Exchange with same AD

I want to rebuild the Unity server to new box with new exchange and same AD.

The current AD user's exchange schema pointing to old exchange and I want to know the DiRT restore automatically re-mapping this to new during restore.

Do I need 'uninstall Unity' in the old Unity server before DiRT restore in the new box or just shutdown is enough?

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Re: Unity, DiRT restore to new Exchange with same AD

DiRT is a Disaster Recovery tool so you should not have to cleanly uninstall on the old box first. Having said that, I have done extensive DiRT testing in the lab and suggest that you plan, test, replan, test again. Before you do it in production.

Since you will have the AD accounts the DiRT should recreate the mailboxes. Now having said that, this needs to be tested in the lab first.

Refer to

Watch the videos and read the help files.


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Re: Unity, DiRT restore to new Exchange with same AD

Thanks Randy, Sure, I'll test in the LAB prior cutover.

In the AD account's 'Exchange General' tab, has the current exchange server name as follows,

DEMO-ADEX/First Storage Group/Mailbox Store (DEMO-ADEX)

Is this automatically updating to new exchage during DiRT restore or do I need 'uninstall' in the old Unity box to manually remove?




Re: Unity, DiRT restore to new Exchange with same AD

This is what I mean by you will need to test it. If the new exchange server and the mailstore have the exact same names and the old server is down when you run DiRT then I would say the the mailbox would be created in the mailstore and the AD would not need to be updated.

Whether or not it gets updated on the fly when you change the exchange server name or not, I am not sure either.



Re: Unity, DiRT restore to new Exchange with same AD

Hi -

You may want to check out this link in the Unity reconfiguration guide -

If your Unity server is running AD/Exchange and the server is also the Domain Controller that possesses all of the FSMO roles for Active Directory, the Unity DiRT backup/restore does not do this. You will need to perform these steps:

- Install a new server running Windows OS and join it to your existing Unity server's AD forest and domain. Allow time for replication between the two domain controllers to occur.

- Transfer the FSMO roles (Schema master, Operations master, etc.) to the new domain controller

- Reinstall all software on the new server, including the same version of Unity as the current server. You can use the demo license in the interim. You will want to send the new MAC with all of your current license files to to get updated license files for the new server. Test the new Unity application to ensure it is functional. When I did this I created a few users and tested. Prior to restoring Unity to the new server, you will want to delete these test subscribers.

- Do the backup preparation on the current Unity server following the reconfig guide's recommendations. Ensure you have a clean UnityDb by running DbWalker and correcting any errors prior to running the DiRT Backup. Per the guide, you may want to use an Exchange aware backup utility for your email messages (such as Backup exec).

- Remove the server from the domain

- Shutdown the server

- Perform a DiRT Restore on the new server.

- Test

Obviously I would recommend a recovery strategy for this type of move. I was fortunate to have offbox Exchange and separate Unity server (ours was only a member server when I made this change). Also, the Unity DiRT restore will create duplicate DLs, EAdmin, etc. but these can be cleaned up after the fact. I'm typing this from memory so others, please post your thoughts. I would also work with your Cisco account team and have someone on hand to assist with problems. I did this and it made my job a lot easier. I made the move over a weekend to ensure I had enough time to test and validate the restore/application.

Hope this helps!


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