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Unity Dirt / upgrade

I currently have Unity 4.0(5) on windows 2000, exchange 2000 and SQL 2000.

I want to upgrade to Unity 4.2 on windows 2003, exchange 2003 and SQL 2000.

We have aprox 550 subscibers and 100 call handlers.

I have new hardware I am building this on and I am unsure of the best approach to migrating all the users and settings. I know DIRT will not restore to a different version of Unity, but will it restore to the same version of Unity with a different version of windows and exchange?

Any help will be most appreciated.

New Member

Re: Unity Dirt / upgrade

Yes...DiRT will work just fine in that scenario.

I wold recommend reading through the Cisco Unity Reconfiguration and Upgrade Guide:

Specifically the Replacing or Converting a Cisco Unity Server

Upgrade the current system to 4.2, run DiRT and then on the new system install the same version of Unity and restore, and you will be good to go.

It will save you some troubleshooting time when you set up the new Unity, if you make sure it works before you do the restore. You should be able to create some sample users and test that voicemail is working properly before you blow the database out and restore.

I did the same thing on our servers a little while ago and it went very well...just very time consuming.

Don't forget to get a new license file with the MAC address of the new server

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