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Unity Does waits 20sec to answer calls w/o CallerID

I have a PIMGs tied to Avaya Definity G3Rs and Unity. When we first installed this, we noticed some calls to VM waited 20sec before Unity would give its greeting. Traces showed that the calls would be active in the PIMG but would not appear in the Unity voice ports until the greetings started. After opening a case with TAC, it was explained to us that the calls in question did not have a numeric CallerID tied to the calling party, so Unity waits for this up to 20sec before it will answer the calls. We have bypassed this by translating some of the trunk group names to an actual number in config.ini, but there are still some external callers that still have this issue because they have different names, but no numbers attached. Is there a way to get around this 20 sec wait?

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Re: Unity Does waits 20sec to answer calls w/o CallerID

The bug is CSCsd48815. It has been fixed for the next release of Unity. However, I beleive that is still some months away yet. Cisco is currently working to implement a fix that can be provided as an ES for 4.1 or 4.2. In the mean time, I don't know of any further workarounds beyond what you've already done.


Re: Unity Does waits 20sec to answer calls w/o CallerID

This sounds crazy... but it worked on my Rolm system I am working on currently... I have Rolm and PIMG and Unity tied together... we had a few calls roll to Unity after 4 rings and get hung at the PIMG... apparently, the PIMG is trying to parase the caller ID for some reason from the Rolm switch. So for instance...

Robert Ward was in the PBX switch on the phone description or name.

Delays of 20 seconds or more... then Unity would answer..

We changed his name to R. Ward and it worked like it should.

It's a try... not sure if it will work in your case... but it's the only fix I could find myself.

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