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Unity doesnt recognize owernship of CH with Distribution List owners

Unity 4.05 with Exchange2000/2003 envt - when we create or import DLs into unity as owners of a Call handler - when the users who are unity subscribers in that DL call into the Greetings Admin to change the greeting of the CH, once they enter their ID and pwd, Unity states that there are no call handlers in the system to which they are assigned. If you look at the owner of the CH, it points to this DL and if you look at the members of the DL (both in unity and AD), it clearly shows these subsribers as members. I have tried now with several DLs on this server. Is there a known bug issued for this or a work around that anyone is aware of other than assigning a subscriber to be the owner of the CH? Thanks.


Re: Unity doesnt recognize owernship of CH with Distribution Lis

I can't recall having this exact issue, but sometimes DL's are tricky.

Try this:

go into the AD domain and create a new AD Distribution group for the DL.

Then go into Unity and activate it how you normally would. Assign a person to be the owner, etc. See if it works this way for a test. Possibly Unity in SA is not creating it correctly, or if you have large AD domain, the replication has not occurred or has an issue.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity doesnt recognize owernship of CH with Distribution Lis

A quick search of CDETS pulls up this bug:

but that was supposed to be fixed in 4.0(2).

Right off hand I'd suggest trying to use a DL that's setup as a scope distribution list (one that is assigned to a name lookup handler as a scope limit). The reason for this is that it forces the directory syncher to pull and "flatten" the membership of that DL into the local SQL tables so membership can be determined locally with a query.

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Re: Unity doesnt recognize owernship of CH with Distribution Lis

Unity 4.2.1 w2k3 sp1 ES 83. We have several Unity servers at this version which exhibit the exact same issue. We have greetings admin setup and the ownwer is the All subscribers DL for that server. Once the user authenticates with Unity, it comes back and says " your ID is not associated to any call handlers on this system"...we can change it to a subscriber as the owner and get the same issue.

Is there a known bug for Unity 4.2.1 related to this? I couldnt find anything related to this version. Thanks.

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