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New Member

Unity-Domino-csAdmin permissions error

Clinet has the following:

1 Domino server 6.5

Unity 4.2 and DUCS 123

Installed csServer on the domino server

Installed lotus notes client on the domino server (so that I can installed csAdmin)

Installed lotus notes on the Unity server and test unityadmin account via email.

While installing csAdmin on the domino server, it asks for the Unityadmin password.

The next screen shows lotus notes path and a box to choose the domino server.

It does not list the domino server name or any for that matter.

We typed it in and then next.

Then we receive the error message "do no have permission"

"Make sure you have manager access level"

"manually update the directory"

Does the manager level access need to be assigned to the UnityAdmin account or the account I am logged in with?

If I do not install csAdmin on the domino server, can I still use Unified, or just VM?

Unfortunately, the domino admin is in another country and we are pressed on time.


Re: Unity-Domino-csAdmin permissions error

If you don't install csAdmin on your Domino server, your users will still get the VMs in the mail file inbox, but the DUC clients won't recognize the voice mail properly. So in a word, no, unified messaging won't work without csAdmin on the server to mark the voice mails so the clients can recognize them as such.

As for manager access. . .make sure you've given the proper permissions to UnityAdmin to edit the names.nsf on the server. It needs something like edit/create/delete manager privileges.

New Member

Re: Unity-Domino-csAdmin permissions error

Thanks for the feedback. I went ahead and started installing Unity withouth csAdmin on the domino.


1. Permissions wizard did not give me a domino bullet to choose from, resolved that with new PW version.

2. Directory Services Wizard also did not give me a bullet for Domino. Here I am not sure what to do. Is there a new version of Directory Service I can use, or is it related to the Domino schema?



Re: Unity-Domino-csAdmin permissions error

My unity domino setup is similar to yours domino 6 unity 4.2.1 . I also have the problem with no radio button to select domino when running the permissions wizard. Could you tell me what OS your untiy server is running win2k3 or win2k and which version of PW you used to resolve point 1.

many thanks



Re: Unity-Domino-csAdmin permissions error


Before doing the Unity installation, you *MUST* run the DUC csAdmin component. Attempting to work through all the problems that you run into without having installed csAdmin won't work. If you don't get the csAdmin component to run, you can manually add the design components that csAdmin adds, but that still has to be done before starting the Unity install.

If you are running into permissions issues running csAdmin, let's deal with that.

To install the administration component:

1. On the workstation (or server) that you will be running csAdmin on, log on to the Domino Administrator or Notes client using a user that has Designer or higher access to the administration server for the Domino Directory. Then just close Domino Administrator or Notes. The csAdmin setup program will then run using the Notes ID file of the user that you were last logged on to Domino Admin or Notes with. This is kind of a weird step, but the csAdmin setup program does not provide a way to specify which Notes ID file to use.

2. Make sure that you have access to the DUC-enabled server and that it is running.

Exit all Windows programs, including the Notes client and the Domino Administrator.

3. From the DUC CD, open the DUC_Admin folder, and click SETUP.EXE.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions in the setup program to install the administration component.

Follow the instructions in the Unity Install Guide chapter "Setting Up Domino and Installing Lotus Notes" very carefully.

I recommend using the 5.0 version of that chapter even if you're doing a 4.x install. In addition to the permissions listed in the Unity Install Guide, make sure that the UnityServers group has permissions to create mail files for the default accounts, as follows:

1) On the Domino Partner Server - Open up Domino Administrator

2) Select the Configuration Tab

3) Under Server, select 'Current Server Document'

4) Select the 'Security Tab', then press Edit Server Button

5) Move to the 'Create databases & templates' and enter in 'UnityServers'

6) Press Save & Close

Good luck!



Re: Unity-Domino-csAdmin permissions error


One more thing. As Mike said on another thread:

Unity 4.2(1) does not support Lotus Domino as the partner mailstore when Unity is running on Windows 2003. That's why the interface does not let you pick Domino. See the 4.2 sys reqs guide (second caution):

This is supported with Unity 5.0(1).


New Member

Re: Unity-Domino-csAdmin permissions error

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

After further research, it turns out that the customer global security team (resides in a different continent) will not allow permissions for Unity account. They had the same issue in one of their other office.

So we installed unity as standalone with exchange on box. We are going to try to forward messages from Unity to smtp addresses in lotus.

We had already created normal subscriber accounts for all users in Unity. If I need to test with one user and see if messages are forwarded to his/her lotus smtp, do I have to create a duplicate account (SMTP subscriber)?



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