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Unity Dumpster

Can someone explain to me how/when messages are put into the Unity Dumpster folder? Is the Unity Dumpster folder ONLY a component of MSM?

Two scenarios:

1. If the class of service of a subscriber is NOT set to move deleted items to the deleted items folder, what heppens when a user deletes a message using the TUI? Its completely gone, correct.

2. If the COS of the subscriber is set to move messages to the deleted folder, deleted messages through the TUI are place into the deleted items folder.

How and when then are messages put into this Unity Dumpster folder?


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Re: Unity Dumpster

The dumpster folder is only used by MSM - it's, in fact, created by MSM (if you've never run MSM you wont see this folder at all).

The MSM can optionally move messages into this folder rather than deleting them entirely "just in case" someone freaks out and wants to pull them back before they're flushed. It's all the folder is used for.


Re: Unity Dumpster

Ok. So the "Unity Dumpster" counts against the users mailbox limits configured in Exchange, correct?

The issue I am having is as follows:

1. MSM is loaded so users have this Unity Dumpster folder

2. The COS for all users is set to NOT move deleted messages to the deleted items folder.

So..if the user deletes a message from the TUI and the COS is set as stated above, will the message be moved to the Unity Dumpster? Or will it be permanently deleted because of the COS? It appears its moved to the Unity Dumpster and can only be cleared out by MSM.

Secondly, it appears that if a user deletes a message using Unity Inbox in this same environment, it does NOT get moved to the Unity Dumpster OR deleted items folder.

I just want a handle on this because peoples mailboxes are filling up and I need to make sure I understand where everything is coming from.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Dumpster

No, if they delete messages from over the phone and the COS is setup to not move items to the deleted items folder, it's removed entirely - it is not moved to the Unity Dumpster folder - the Unity conversation has no knowledge of this folder and can't use it even if it wanted to.

Not sure what you're seeing but I'm quite certain messages deleted over the phone can only either be permanantly removed or sent to the delted items folder.

Sounds like maybe MSM is moving messages from deleted items to the dumpster on you and that's what you're seeing - just a guess, though.

Re: Unity Dumpster

Does MSM create the Unity Dumpster folder for all MSM actions/scripts when it is ran, or is the folder only created if the move to unity dumpster action/script was chosen at one point in time?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Dumpster

I believe MSM creates the folder regardless of if you've run a script that moves messages to it or not, but I'd have to check to be sure on that.

Re: Unity Dumpster


I ran through MSM and it creates the Unity Dumpster folder only if the Move to Unity dumpster script is ran at some point. So if you run the other scripts it doesn't get created.

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