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Unity Error When Trying to Delete a User

We are doing Standard MAC by trying to Delete a Unity account for an End User no longer with the Company. When we try and delete, we get a Pop-up Window, that states "Substitute Objects have not yet been configured on the this Unity Server". Deleting this Subscriber if it owns or is referenced by a Call Handler, could cause database errors" . "You can either cancel the Deletion and confgure Substitute Objects, or proceed with the delete and run DBwalker to identify any database errors". What are we encountering, and what is the best work around?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Error When Trying to Delete a User

You need to configure the substitute objects the error mentions - these are configured at the bottom of the "Settings" page in the Configuraiton section for recent versions of Unity. There's four replacement selections listed there - fill them in with valid users/handlers/dls (i.e. ones you don't plan on deleting along the way) and it should work ok for you.

These are used when you delete a user or other object that is referenced elsewhere (i.e. you delete "John Smith" who is a message recipient on a call handler somewhere). The substitute objects are used by the DB to keep those links valid and point to new users/handlers/distribution lists.

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Re: Unity Error When Trying to Delete a User

Thank you very much, will give it a go.

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