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Unity Express 7 - Cant Record Greetings

Hi All,

Apologies if this is a daft question, but I'm tearing my hair out (what little there is left) over this.

OK, so I have a 2821 router running Callmanager Express 8.6. All working fine.

I have an NM-CUE Service Module running Unity Express 7.

All works OK, so far, in as much as I can call the voicemail system on the pilot number, and go through the enrollment process - all menu functions work ok. BUT... and this is the big problem, when I try to record a greeting or change recorded name (or even leave a voicemail message) nothing gets recorded. its almost like a 'one way voice' issue but I can confirm that this is what I'm seeing.

I've followed all the info, checked that the system is licenced, rebooted router and Unity but nothing.

has anyone got ANY ideas where to start looking for this ?

Many thanks

Pete Moore

Community Member

Unity Express 7 - Cant Record Greetings

dont mean to sound desperate but would be grateful for any clues.

Dont know if its related but CUE doesnt seem to know when its being called from a primary extention either

Please HELP!!!

thanks all


Community Member

Unity Express 7 - Cant Record Greetings

OK so Unity Express is crap. I have solved 99% of all the issues with this thing, including at some stage getting it to hear me when I call and leave a mesage or change a greeting. But now, having resolved all my other issues, the same problem is back. Well I quit. Its back in the box and back to the seller, unsupportable rubbish. I would have expected more from Cisco :-(

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