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Unity Express AA anomaly

I am experiencing "interesting" behavior on a UC520. Internal calls to the AA pilot number have no problems with selection of menu items. The first three menu items are calls to internally registered extensions with VM boxes. The 4th menu item calls the prompt management system. The user numbers are in the 6... range, and the prompt management pilot is 203. Any calls from the outside via an FXO line are connected to a main number in the 601-604 range via a PLAR OPX command on the voice-port, and the AA number is the call-forward busy or NOAN on the 60.. number. (not internally registered to a user) PSTN callers attempting to use menu items 1-3 are bouncing back out of the UC520 and are coming back in as an external call to the second line in the FXO hunt group. Menu item 4, transferring the caller to the prompt management application, works as advertised. The "allow external" transfer parameter is enabled in the AA script. My question to the community is whether anyone has run into this type of AA behavior or might have some speculations as to what is causing it. I have already checked DTMF decoding and relay parameters, dial-peers, and the other usual suspects. The box has no remote admin and is used at a busy restaurant so I don't have the luxury of setting up massive debugging sessions. I am about to go search the Bug tool.


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